Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend XIV :: oh, the sun is shining!

One of the reasons this weekend was delightful is that five of us were all together for the whole weekend. These days, everyone seems to be travelling or working or heading somewhere, so it was lovely to simply hang out together and enjoy the last days of Spring.

And what days they were! Saturday was humid with a vengeance that was terrifying to behold. There was no such thing as a sleep-in, for my father and brother work with the sun's rays and they are not quiet when they get up. But it meant we could all head out early (-ish, for a Saturday) for some shopping. For my sister and I (and small brother who made full and zealous use of the playground), it was all about the books at Koorong. Yay! Meanwhile, Dad -- with assistance from Mum -- was buying a very groovy motorbike jacket. Don't ask me to describe it for I know nothing about these things. But it will go very nicely with his shiny red Ducati.

Afterwards we headed en masse to Ikea, ostensibly to purchase curtains, but perhaps more accurately simply to observe the pre-Christmas madness. We've often joked that you could live in that place. It's crazy. We had lunch there, which fulfilled our craving for the highschool cafeteria experience but which was totally gross in a gastronomic kind of way. Then we were off home again, sans curtains but with an adorable little single-seater lounge in miniature for a certain small brother.

Saturday evening, Lauren and I headed out for dinner with girlfriends [the picture above is taken from my friend's balcony; city at twilight] followed by Idea of North at the Powerhouse. It was my first time inside the Powerhouse and -- I think I'm in love. It's an amazing venue with lots of character and atmosphere. So very good.

It was also the first time I'd seen Idea of North live (oops. I lie. I saw them at the city carols last year), and they did not disappoint. I already knew about their amazing rich harmonies, their smooth jazz tones, and the incredible blending of four very unique voices -- but to hear it all in the flesh, and with lights and smoke and a lovely setting, was so inspiring. What's more, the group are good entertainers, with snappy dialogue that somehow made everyone feel included. Fun times.

There was lots of Gershwin and friends, Christmas carols in swinging arrangements, and a few surprises, too. There was even a haunting Gregorian chant in harmonies to make chills run down my spine -- and it was about spam. Very, very awesome and certainly recommended.

Sunday -- last day of Spring! -- was glorious, and perfect for enjoying the action at the Mt Cotton Hill Climb, where vehicles from mini Coopers to MGs to whopping great four-wheel-drives zoomed around a tight and tiny track at ridiculous speeds. The bad news is that my neck got incredibly sunburnt (and is sore even now). The good news is that the Ford Escorts (Best Cars In The World) were ripping it up and were among the fastest there. So take that, ye who mock my car tastes.

Our Sunday afternoon may have included icecreams. Also beaches and parks and sand. Also pizza for dinner. Then there was a scurry back home and some quick pretty-and-tidy making before church. The sermon focussed a lot on Paul's reminder to Timothy that God has not given us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power and love and self discipline. It's one of those verses that I know by heart but which never fails to give me fresh courage. Yay!

Back home, A Beautiful Mind was on television so we sat down to watch and discuss. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it -- it's not that kind of a movie -- but it was compelling and fascinating and even quite beautiful in that it was the story of a real person with real challenges, and not some Hollywood-ised romantic tale. I was deeply impressed by the fact that all of us, as Christians, must ignore certain voices in our lives that distract us from the best God has for us. Those challenges might stay with us forever, but we must choose not to enter into dialogue with them. Really thought-provoking.



Rachael -- thanks for the tag! I'll be doing it soon ;).

Caitlin -- won't be long before that niece of yours is chattering away and asking to hang out with her aunties!

Sarah -- I *love* looking at others' photos of their everyday lives; it's like getting to watch one of their home movies or something. So much fun :). Oh, and IMDB is a lifesaver when those familiar faces pop up agonisingly!

Abigail -- yay for working laptops! Now *that's* something to give thanks for!


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