Thursday, February 12, 2009

Words. See them grow!

[a sneaky peeky at the upcoming project for Homespun magazine. Don't tell anyone!]

One of the things that I'm looking forward to about the Tasmania trip -- I mean, even apart from the cool weather, the lack of sensible bedtimes, the day trips, the walks, the old buildings, the bakeries, the reading, the explorations, the familyness (is your mouth watering yet?) -- is the chance to make amends for my utter failure to meet my 20,000 word goal in January.

To be sure, I hadn't expected that our home would explode with such a multitude of delightful people all one after the other. I struggled to make my bed most days, let alone sit and type for a few hours uninterrupted. So I have an excuse -- sort of -- but I also have an opportunity to redeem myself.

If anything, it might be harder to write, over there. There is nothing so very pressing to do, but all the delights of a new place distract and delight. Nevertheless, I will chain myself to the keyboard at least a little each day, and see what happens. I want to reacquaint myself with my writing projects, to begin to care about them again. To write, you have to care, at least in some small way, about the words or the characters or the story. I've been so long absent from my characters and stories that I've forgotten to care. I want to start caring again, and I hope the holiday will work for me.

Also: journalling. I very very much would like to start writing again. My brain needs it and I think my family would appreciate me pouring out my thoughts on paper before I launch the bombardment on them.

On a sort of slightly related note: would you like postcards? I'd certainly like to send them :). If you would like a postcard from the tiny little crooked island down south, send your mailing address to The first fifteen people (I'm being ambitious) will get something in the mail! Oh, and even if you know that I know your address, send it anyway because it's nice to have everything in the one little place.



Caitlin -- We can't understand it all, but you are so right: God is definitely in control.


  1. I want to go to Tasmania tooooooo!!! I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration for writing down there. :)

    Love you xox

  2. Missing you guys. Lovelovelove.

  3. ...really, really missing you guys.


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