Friday, September 25, 2009

Spring break, oh yeah!

That sound you hear is me sighing contentedly.

I have finished my first semester of university and, though it's a small achievement, it's a happy one none the less. My adventure back in the land of school (after having been completely out of that world for ten years) has proven to be rewarding already. Actually, it's been fun. There have been moments of mild panic when I wonder if I'll ever get that assignment completed on time (all my own fault, of course; who wants to be writing assignments when you can be laughing at small nieces and nephews?). Nevertheless, I'm here, and eager for next semester. My subjects next semester are Poetry (immersion in the world of poets, yay!), Australian Society and Politics (and the lecturer has an Irish accent), Intro to Philosophy (wherein I will pretend I know what I'm talking about), and Reading the Bible Faithfully (which can only be good).

For now, though, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the break, which is set to include family catch-ups, adventuring, and the reading of books 'just because'. I'm turning my laptop off for twelve days. I mean it! And, though I'll be popping in on facebook and round the traps occasionally, mostly it's going to be a low-tech holiday. I'll catch you on the flipside!


  1. Yay for holidays! And well done for completing your first semester - it must feel good! Hope you all have a simply wonderful time away - we look forward to lots of photos when you get back :hint hint: ! :) Lots love, Abi

  2. Your course sounds amazing - and complete with Irish-accented lecturers! Nice! Love you xx Harri


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