Saturday, October 9, 2010


As a little girl, I remember being incredibly intrigued by hiding-places-for-stuff. Because this has never faded with time, I like to think -- I hope -- that it's more than just being a busybody and, rather, has something to do with the fact that people's things reveal just as much of their personalities as what they actually say or do. I've always loved browsing others' bookshelves, and was mesmerised when, as a young teenager, an older girl friend let me look through her collection of journals and sketchbooks. (Her recorded memories inspired the recording of my own for years to follow).

All of which explains why, when I saw this what's-in-my-handbag meme floating around the internet, I had to have a go. Please take part -- I'll show you what's in my handbag if you show me what's in yours (oh, and, while I basically just tipped everything out and arranged it into pictures, I've thoughtfully decided not to include scrunched up tissues and old receipts; aren't you glad?).

The contents of my handbag include:

1) tiny cosmetics purse (+ cute birdy zipper tag)
2) striped notepad (thank you Caitlin & Tegan!)
3) Nivea Strawberry Kiss lip balm
4) Perfume tube (from Abbie)
5) Elizabeth Arden perfume (Mum!)
6) Broken crystal bag gems too pretty to throw away

7) Darius Bell & the Glitter Pool by Odo Hirsch
8) Of This & Other Worlds by C.S. Lewis
9) Isle of Swords by Wayne Thomas Batson
10) A cute journal from my mum
11) Moleskine small planner, week to page
12) Pens
13) Tissues

14) Cobalt 5 gum x 2 packs
15) Burt's Bees lip balm
16) Eclipse mints
17) Palmer's Cocoa Butter moisturiser
18) More pens
19) Listerine mint strips
20) Pain relief pills

21) Small cosmetics purse
22) Compact mirror
23) Nivea shine lip balm
24) Hair clips
25) Small tweezers
26) Bobby pins
27) Combs x 2
28) Digital camera
29) Phone
30) Tupperware Shape-O keychain
31) Despicable Me ticket stub

Believe it or not, I don't carry around a suitcase. All of this fits in my everyday handbag :).

* * * * *


Simplythis -- and it's actually hard to articulate tragic moments like that in a way which expresses the sense of surprise and shock at being part of something but not downplaying the sadness of it.

Meaghan -- I didn't have goosebumps, but definitely feathers in my stomach.

Eweight -- mission accomplished!

Elizabeth Fay -- and I love you right back!

Samantha R -- so true. Good call.


  1. and I am amazed that you carry all that in a handbag!!
    Isn't Palmers Cocoa Butter formula the best? :)

  2. Oh, wow. Yeah, it's fun to see what people carry! From these photos, I can see that you are a reader (THREE BOOKS! EEE!), that you enjoy bright colors (which I would guess means you are generally cheerful), that writing is important to you (three notebooks, darling!), that you care about beauty enough to carry a piece of it around with you, and that you care about your skin and hair. :-)

    If I do this it will take a long long time, because I carry a hiking backpack every day. As I explained to my students this week, I teach at 4-6 different locations every day, up to 33 students (none of whom have textbooks and all of whom need multiple handouts and worksheets), and I don't have an office. Rather, I carry my office on my back. Loads of pens and pencils, scissors, stickers, paper clips, all sorts of good stuff. ;-)

    But maybe I'll do this sometime, anyway. :-) Thanks for letting us look in your bag!

  3. Wow, you are really well prepared and have lots of fun stuff in there! I should do this meme because Eli just emptied the contents of my bag all over the floor. But my bag is liable to get my motherhood card revoked, it is so not "be prepared for anything" worthy. ::hangs head in shame::

  4. wow, that's a lot of things to fit in a handbag! I'd do this, except I don't have a personal blog :(

  5. This is such a nifty idea! Is that perfume Lovely?
    And you should have posted a piccy of your handbag coz it must be huuuuge ;-)

  6. That is unbeleivable!!! I'd love to see your handbag size, lol...I think we might need to! Haven't actually clicked over here in quite a while (reading in a reader) but loving the new look!

  7. The contents of your bag is too cool for school. I love the amount of varieties of breath fresheners you have. Hehe.

  8. Have you realised how much of that stuff has something to do with your mouth. hehe

  9. I most certainly am impressed at your amazing organized pictures. Plus you get all that in a hand bag??? Wow.

    Loving that little cow, too. :)


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