Thursday, November 18, 2010

Imma let you finish but...

Yo, my peeps! This post goes out to my supreme homey Mitanika, who specially requested a little procrastination action on the internets while she avoids the black looming deadline of the crazy crazy world that is NaNoWriMo!

[Okay, cease random Kanye-style voice; resume Danielle voice]

This post is indeed dedicated to a friend, a friend who is more heroic than I am because she's currently swimming through the vast ocean of terrifying waters that is the quest to write a 50,000-word novel in a single month. She requested some distraction and, since I -- being in the final two weeks of uni for the year -- have a profound respect for procrastination, I am more willing to comply. However, that simple fact also means this blog post will be the most spontaneous and least-thought-out of my blogging history. It will also likely be:

a) very boring -- because I've used up all my words writing essays, and
b) very hyperactive -- because I'm tired, and the tireder I get, the sillier I get.

So consider yourself fairly warned before I present to you a random list of life's latest.
  1. I am currently being haunted by spiders and cockroaches, which makes me feel both sick and stalked. It must just be their season of bliss, because they're appearing everywhere and around every corner. I've actually killed two huge spiders myself (this was not fun) and -- get this -- was woken yesterday morning at 6.30 by a cockroach crawling down my arm. *choke* I am a big fan of the environment, but I am definitely going to be calling the pest control man.
  2. I've tripped over my own shoes today (twice) and the hem of my dress (once) because I am that cool. The dress-hem-tripping incident was directly in front of someone, too.
  3. I think I saved someone's life today. Okay, I didn't save their life, but I did save their blood sugar levels. A bright blonde Irish girl came to the door selling energy savings. We got talking (about spiders, snakes, and cockroaches no less; see what I mean about them haunting me?) and she suddenly asked, "Do you have any fizzy drink?" I didn't, and she must have felt silly because she went on to explain that she'd been walking around the neighbourhood, had not had breakfast, and felt quite faint. We then proceeded to bond over some Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate, the only legitimate energy food source I had to hand.
  4. Both of my sisters are having babies. I'm not sure if you all knew that. Yay! (I slipped that one sneakily into my random list).
  5. Every day lately, parcels have been arriving on my doorstep, but it's kind of agonising because my mother is doing Christmas shopping and gets all the mail sent here. There is a stack of parcels (nine; I counted) just sitting there, tantalisingly.
  6. However, I've been doing some Christmas ordering of my own, so some of the parcels have been ones I can open, and it's fun. I bought myself a little end-of-school present -- a Charley Harper colouring book. If anyone tells you big girls can't colour in, don't believe them. I am so excited.
  7. Thursday night is do-the-groceries-buy-dinner-and-rent-a-movie-night around here. The movie didn't happen because papers on Prince Caspian and relativism were calling out for the Red Editorial Pen of Doom, but the dinner did happen: Madras beef, rice, and naan bread. So very, very good.
Here you are, Mitanika -- a post all of your own! I hope it helps you procrastinate just a wee bit more; it certainly helped me to do so. Love!

PS everyone. Soon I'm going to be on holidays. Holidays. Holidays. HOLIDAYS. What books should I put on my holiday reading list?


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!! I am overwhelmed. Not expecting a WHOLE blog post but yay. And then I get two!! And with a little twist of Kanye thrown in for good measure too! I happen to have a soft spot for "Imma let you finish" parodies. You are a true friend, thank you for throwing me a lifeline :)

    A book that you MUST put on your reading list is one called Tigerheart by Peter David. It is a sort of re-telling of Peter Pan and is super whimsical and charming with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek. Definitely check it out, if you can. I think it will be right up your alley.

    I just re-read your post. Cockroach on your arm?? Not cool, not cool.

  2. yay! My copycat colouring book should be arriving on my doorstep soon. Then imma come visit you and bring my Crayolas.

    Holiday reading...well, I always tell people to read the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency because I want everyone to love Mma Ramotswe like I do.

    Ok, the bug stuff. Ack. It was on your arm?! Oh Danielle. :( Since we rent we just got informed that pest control people were coming a few weeks ago. They came at the horrible hour of 7 a.m. on a Saturday and I freaked out and left because I didn't want to be subjected to their p'ison. Anyway, apparently they did a termite inspection as well...which I didn't know meant walking around taking pictures of various parts of our house. Til we got the "results" in the mail and I'm like, er, okay, if I'd known someone was going to be taking PICTURES of the corner of that bedroom I would have probably picked up the laundry. Creepy. As were the spiders and cockroaches that crawled out to die.

    P.S. Fav. pest control ads:

  3. Oh, naan; I love naan!
    Sorry to hear that your bug troubles continue. Scary stuff! "Pest control man COME NOW!! I'm being invaded!"

    Parcels that you can't open =torture!

  4. The top photo of you looks so much like Andrea. You both must have the eyes and forehead.

  5. What a lovely fun post. Good to have a break. Please get on to that bug problem as we discussed earlier. The spray doesn't last forever, as opposed to the bugs.

  6. Argh coachroaches are AWFUL.
    I'm so excited about your double-aunty news! Thrilling stuff.

    I wanted to call you last weekend while I was in Brissy so we could have a cuppa but it was just too brief a trip (24 hours). Next time? I'm coming again in January....

    Christmas pressies - how suspenseful having them sitting there. Your self-restraint is admirable ;-)

    Madras sounds YUM.

    Hugs :-)

  7. Ick, cockroaches! Spiders I'm friends with, but cockroaches... no way. :-P

    Yay for coloring! I had lovely coloring books in college that I used for stress relief. :-D A cup of hot tea and a good coloring book got me through many a stressful night.

    Hooray for your sisters and family! :-D


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