Monday, November 29, 2010

School's out!

Holidays. What a sweet, sweet word. I'm so pleased about this word that I am sitting here at my computer, sighing happily (and you thought they only did that in badly-written novels, right?). To celebrate, I want to share with you three things that have made me merry over the last couple of weeks, when I needed to think about things other than essays and deadlines...

Something to enjoy: Beautiful Christmas music for free from Noisetrade. I have to thank this excellent friend for reminding me to revisit this cool site. There's always a bunch of great music available, and it's a wonderful way to get to know new artists without purchasing music you're not yet sure you'll like. Anyway, I've downloaded three albums so far -- Sara Groves (O Holy Night Tour Live), High Street Hymns (Christmas and Advent Sampler), plus The Argyle Project (Christmas) -- and I'm loving them all.

Something to encourage: I have a feeling Josh Harris's Dug Down Deep keeps popping up in my blog posts. I know I've certainly mentioned it before, and I know I've been reading it for a long time. But it's good stuff and I'm really relishing this back-to-the-basics examination of theology -- the beliefs about God that really, really matter. Anyway, this video is not only a cool introduction to the book; it's also a thought-provoking look at the concept of theology. And, apart from all that entirely, it's just a very awesome video and I wish I'd made it.

Something to entertain: This is pure, joyful stupidity. Before watching, you need to be familiar with the Trol lol lol man of youtube glory. So if you're not, watch this first. Then, enjoy this absolutely excellent mashup: Captain Kirk deals with a strange alien culture. SO GOOD.

What internet thingummys have been adding trololols to your life lately?

* * * * *

Jessica -- yes! Cool mail is so much fun :)

Asea -- wow; you are VERY FUN to receive packages from! And, strictly speaking, I should email you this thought, but I've been loving Tove Jansson's little stories. They're so evocative of a land I don't know. And they're creatively inspiring, too -- I'm reminded that not everything has to be turned into a full-blown story. Some characters and ideas can remain as small story-seeds, short pieces on their own.

Samantha R -- I know! So creative!

Bonnie -- so lovely to receive your comment! <3

Mitanika -- absolutely! Unexpected parcels are one of the best things ever.

Katie -- me, too. I think I need to write a story about the billycarting nun.

Mothercare -- too true. xx

Chantel -- the privilege was definitely mine! You have been such a welcome part of this journey! And yes, you did send something for the final issue. Hopefully it will reach your mailbox soon :). xx


  1. Oooh, a new layout! Pretty!

    I am quite envious of the cause of your happy sighs, although the countdown has begun until the end of term here so I can't complain too much. Huzzah for holidays!

  2. This post is loved in all aspects by me.

  3. P.S And Wow! That [Dug Down Deep] video is really very brilliant isn't it?!

  4. Loved the photo at the top; when I saw that, I smiled :)
    Glad you are enjoying your time off (as if you wouldn't enjoy it! ha!)

    I've been enjoying Pandora radio, all the lovely Thankful Thanksgiving posts from friends and friends of friends, and all the talk about wintery snowy things. I guess I love this time of year more than I thought I did!

  5. I've been quite obsessed recently with a YouTube video called "Potter Puppet Pals - the Mysterious Ticking Noise". drop dead funny!!! you seen it?? =)

  6. Brent read Dug Deep Down a few months back and was talking about it for weeks on end... I'm looking forward to getting into it when we're home again.

    Congrats on finishing a year of uni! It's a great feeling isn't it?


  7. Okay, that mashup WAS very funny.

    I'm glad you enjoy Tove Jansson! I really love her writing. It feels like it has so much space in it, and it's whimsical, yet deals with Important Topics. :-D My favorite story is the one about the iceburg.

  8. holidayyyyysssss!! ok, i'll stop spamming your blog now :P x


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