Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey, eleven

I'm a big fan of brand new years, but not a fan of new year's eve. I like fresh beginnings, but the celebration of the end always seems slightly deflating. For me, being in the middle of a giant crowd as the seconds count down to the calendar's turn feels more lonely than being cosy in bed with a journal and candlelight. Of course, I always forget that until afterwards when the bewilderment of it all begins to sink in. So I guess it's a good thing that this year's end will find me preparing for bed, possibly even sleeping already, with the alarm set for 4.30am and the promise of a kind of impromptu and definitely l-o-n-g road trip ahead.

I have some thoughts to share about what 2010 taught me, but I'll save them for my return -- when my brother and brother-in-law are not engaged in an intense mercy match which has already yielded one pair of pants split right down the seam. Yes, it's kind of difficult to concentrate. In the meantime, there may be updates at Twitter.

Goodbye, 2010. I think I'll miss you.

* * * * *


Katie -- all credit for Christmas light pictures goes to my camera, which makes my picture-making world so happy and easy.

Rebecca Simon -- thank you, lovely! <3

Asea -- that draws out the Christmas fun! And mail from Austria...!

Samantha R -- and I wish the same for you, too. xx

Amanda -- the colouring book is so adorable :).


  1. That picture is very cool :)

    I'm not going to miss 2010, I don't think.

    Ewww 4:30am is just too early to be in the same sentence as "alarm clock"! Road trip to visit meeee!


  2. Happy New Year 2011 to you! (a bit early I know but just the same, I wish a happy new year to you!)
    I hope 2011 holds many blessings and lovely things

  3. Every time I see the title of this post 'hey eleven', I think it's going to be a post about the Eleventh Doctor.

    The way I say "every time I see the title" makes me sound as if I obsessively check your blog to see if you've updated. I'm not that bad, promise :)


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