Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate Santa says hello...

...while he still has a face.

I've composed several posts in my head since Monday, but lately my evenings are as full as my days, and tonight -- Thursday is my official buy-dinner-and-go-slow evening -- I find that my brain has switched itself off almost completely. So until the wires are warmed up for a jump-start, I'll just leave this little hello and a picture of my new friend, Chocolate Santa. My sister Lauren brought him over with a Merry Christmas! -- officially first Christmas gift of the season? I guess it's irrelevant, because he won't be around -- not in one piece, anyway -- for long.

* * * * *


Rebecca -- If only there were more than seven seasons!

Katie -- so true! Maybe those moments are all the more special because they're so rare.


  1. they never seem to change do they.

  2. I hear you on life being busy! Lately I've been working nonstop, and when I'm home I only want to sleep. Plus last week was my birthday, which meant an excuse to spend all my free time baking cakes (I made 3!) and making people eat them while they said nice things about me. Oh, yeah, and I moved to a new apartment Saturday, too. Whew. No wonder all I want to do is sleep...

    How is school going? What do you enjoy most about it? What's the most interesting class you're taking? What's the most lovely class you're taking?

  3. Ack, I'm still not quite ready to see Christmas stuff all around!

    I hope your go-slow dinner went well.


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