Monday, October 18, 2010

Total Crackpot Day

October 20th is Big Block of Cheese Day -- or the day on which the episode of The West Wing titled 'The Crackpots and These Women' was originally aired in 1999. You'll have to watch the show yourself to find out where Big Block of Cheese Day comes from (and why Toby Ziegler calls it Throw-Open-Our-Office-Doors-To-People-Who-Want-To-Discuss-Things-We-Could-Care-Less-About Day). I'm definitely going to try and find some time on Wednesday to squeeze in a West Wing episode, in honour of a show that I'm going to actually call the best television program ever.

It's probably the most quotable show I've ever seen. It's like a novel with a wide cast of brilliant, lovable characters who all have command of snappy, intelligent dialogue yet somehow manage not to be annoying. It taught me everything I know about politics (albeit with a decidedly American bent), gave me a deep-seated understanding of the rhythm of iambic pentameter, and will continue to make me compare all real prime ministers and presidents to the completely fictional Jedidiah Bartlet, entirely to their detriment.

* * * * *


Caitlin -- thank you for the hugs and the kind words -- and yay indeed about the sovereign Writer who's got the whole story under control!

SandieT -- thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment! It's always a delight to meet WM subscribers (the final issue is literally going to press as I type).

ElizabethFay -- I just have a strong liking to you, generally and specifically.

Samantha -- it was a beautiful interlude in my day. :)

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  1. I love West Wing. Definitely agree - it's my favourite ever TV show. I cried when we finished the seasons!


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