Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breakfast food of champions... or something


I'm re-discovering the joys and challenges of shopping and cooking for one, on a limited budget. One of the ways I want to achieve this is by purchasing fruit and vegies in season. Not only are they way better for you -- no nasty cold storage for three to six months, thank you! -- but they're also the cheapest. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be in the habit of picking my fruit and veg from the local markets on a Sunday, but Sundays are busy around here and I haven't made it to the markets in ages. In the meantime, go supermarkets go?

I'm not sure if the picture above looks yummy or not; I can only remember what it tasted like, and that is influencing my conception of how appealing the image is. Yesterday I had half a tiger loaf left over from the day before, and was also determined to use up some more of the small tub of pears I'd bought through the week. I sliced the pears lengthwise and cooked them in my enormously heavy frypan in a little bit of butter, until they were just starting to caramelise. After removing the pears, I cooked thick slices of the tiger bread (dipped into egg and milk for french toast) in the same pan. The juices from the pears mingled with the butter and made a thin little toffee to fry the bread in, crispy and naturally sweet.

I served the french toast with the pears on top and man it was good. And I took smug satisfaction in the fact that I totally made up the idea out of necessity.

(If you want to see pictures of breakfast foods in which there is no doubt of their gastronomic appeal, go here. SO MUCH YUM)

* * * * *


Samantha R -- the fireworks were perfect.

Jessica -- sprung! I was tired and lazy and could not think up any interesting captions whatsoever. In future, I shall not make the same mistake. ;)

Hetzelhouse -- I am enjoying it so much; thanks for sharing that joy!

Laura Elizabeth -- Yes, my Easter long weekend was great.


  1. That does look so so yum! :)


  2. Oooh - if I wasn't on my way to bed I'd be tempted to make some french toast just because it looks so good. Though pears aren't in season here at the moment, so I'd have to do something else.
    Isn't improvised cooking great?! (At least sometimes.)
    Pray - forgive this northerner's ignorance . . . what is tiger bread? :)

  3. It looks (and sounds) like an absolutely delicious breakfast!

  4. So... when can I come over for breakfast?

    Seriously, those look AMAZING.

    Learning to cook on a budget and for yourself is a trick, alright. It helps me to plan meals every weekend, do one big shopping trip, and then NOT go shopping during the week. That means I have planned what I'll eat, which makes it more likely I'll eat healthy, cheap foods, and it also means I don't fritter away money on impulse buys or duplicates. But it's always a lot more fun to cook for other folk. :-)

  5. I HAD FRENCH TOAST THIS MORNING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caps lock was really the only thing that could convey my excitement at how yummy it all was. And you had yours yesterday but I only read this post today. I had bananas on mine though. Not a pear fan at all, but I'm sure you enjoyed it and that's what is important. I think it definitely would have tasted all that much sweeter because it was made from necessity. I love it when meals like that turn out just right!

  6. Yuuum! I want to eat that right now. At first I thought it was savoury with the pears being potato, but pears and french toast sounds even more delicious! I think I will have to try this sometime.

  7. Now I've been looking on that tumblr and I want to just eat and eat really nice stuff!

  8. You really should make it to the markets; the freshness is amazing!!
    Our market starts on May 10th and I am soo excited about it!


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