Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend XXVIII :: easter

Fireworks seemed the most appropriate way in the world to celebrate life's victory over death.

* * * * *


Anonymous -- I love it, too :).

Carla and Alastair -- thank you! Come see it sometime :D.

Samantha R -- thanks for sharing my enthusiasm :D

Laura Elizabeth -- as IF you could ever sound like a stalker! You just sound full of squee, which is just perfect, because it gives me permission to be all bouncy and excited, too :D.

Meaghan -- please come help me mess it up! I mean, I can do that all by myself, but it's much funner with friends.

Katie -- my pleasure!

Rebecca Simon -- it's attached to my parents' new place, so the best of both worlds! Nesting is fun. Enjoy!

Staish -- thanks for visiting me, you. xxx

eweight -- :D :D :D

Abbie -- yay! Your warm little candle is on my kitchen benchtop as I type :).


  1. Fireworks on Easter; what a great idea!! I love it! :)
    I enjoyed the pictures.

  2. That last photo is beautiful!! Sounded like you had a great Easter holidays :)


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