(Sometimes I look normal in pictures but usually I... don't)

Danielle is older than your sister and younger than your mum. The number of books she owns is between five to ten times greater than the amount of dollars she has in the bank at any one moment. She is a messy, fumbling, self-centred skeptic who somehow has been granted grace.

Danielle writes and imagines and worries and trusts from a little Housie in south-east Queensland. She likes fruit smoothies, snail mail, secondhand bookstores, cheeseburgers, moleskines, 70% cocoa chocolate, and nieces and nephews. At times like these, she wishes she could afford to pay someone to write her bios for her, instead of clunkily chugging along in the third person.

Now onto the (In)Frequently Asked Questions:



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  1. Hi Danielle! james Cooper here from tabor Adelaide - I only just discovered your amazingly huge and delightfully furnished blog. Wow! I've been trying to get in touch to see if you'd care to contribute some writing (maybe some of your old creative nonfiction pieces) to our next anthology of student writing. Even though you're a former student, your writing counts, and was always of such a good standard. Please let me know if you're interested, and how best to contact you. Cheers and God bless,



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