Friday, May 16, 2008

The Friday Archives: my first journal

On Anzac Day, clever craft blogger Loobylu launched a new concept: The Friday Archives. The idea is to share some creative work of one's own from the past. I'm beginning today with the second entry from my very first journal, which I received on my eighth birthday. I won't share the first entry; it's altogether too egotistical and positively shameful. But here is the second, in all its glorious, eight-year-old's-messy-handwriting-goodness:

In case you can't read my scrawl (and it's very likely you can't), I'll transcribe, awkward punctuation and all:

Friday 26 [of August, I'm guessing] 1988

I went in a poster comp. I won first prize in the infants section. I got a $5 voucher to buy from the book fair. I chose a Drawing Book and The Frog Prince. The Frog Prince is an excellent book that shows you the true fact's that if you make your promise you must keep it. The Drawing Book is a book w[h]ich shows you how to draw hard things simply.

The entries seem very childish, looking back on them, but I think this little journal is likely where my love of writing really took off.

Remember Puffy Stickers? Weren't they the best?


  1. Lovely! You bought 2 books for $5?? Those were the days! I love puffy stickers.

  2. Isn't it embarrassing to look back on your earlier journals and see all the immmature stuff you wrote? Wow, you have a journal from when you were 8 years old; I think my earliest journal starts from my 12th or 13th birthday, can't remember.

    Love Caitlin

  3. that is very cute. :)

    yep, think i had that puffy lion sticker too. :P


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