Friday, June 13, 2008

They call him... the InkMaster

This week, I have worn my valiant little Papermate Kilometrico pen (ink colour: red) to the nib with excessive crossing and scribbling and the making of many illegible notes. However, the faithful implement spent itself body and soul in pursuit of a higher cause: the expulsion of grammatical errors, the addition of clarity, and the extermination of the unessential.

This morning, the approach of The Deadline meant that the editing must stop, and The Little Red Pen That Could was laid to rest at last. I merrily delivered my completed manuscript (tied with a bow) to a local library where it will be judged along with ten to fifteen others for the second phase of our shire novel-writing contest.

And now it is behind me, I am looking immensely forward to engaging with the real world again.


  1. Wow oh wow!:-)Congratulations and I'll be waiting to hear the results (and also waiting to one day read the your novel - Lauren said it was so good!)- when do you think the judging will be over? much love, abi

  2. Yay - good luck with it beautiful girl! So when can I read it? ;-)

  3. I want to reeeeeed iiiiiiiiit! :)


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