Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Web roundup II

Good stuff on the web this week:

biblical womanhood :: In the (rather small) online circles I'm a part of, there's been some discussion lately about whether the choice to bear children at all (note here that I'm not even saying how many or when) is entirely up to us or to God. The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood blog had something interesting to say about that, couched in a post about Rebecca Walker, daughter of The Color Purple author Alice Walker:

"When women completely deny their God-given right and ability to bear children we are seeing a complete giving over to the desires of the flesh (Romans 1). To see children as a burden to be thrown off is a reversal of the created order and a sinful repression of the desire that probably once burned bright. It should make us weep for them."

blogging :: In the current voyeuristic climate of our generation, the seedy world of reality television and the equally seedy world of reality blogging tend to make us all lust after the juicy details. In a blog post over at The Line, Thomas Jeffries discusses why too much information really is too much information.

faith :: A beautiful post about hungering after the Lord. Just read it.

media :: Ted Slater offers the best thoughts ever on why Christians should be thoughtful about the content of the movies they watch, even in spite of the necessity of "cultural relevance."

shameless plug :: Back issues of Whatsoever mag on a big sale :).

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