Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yes, please

O Lord God,
I pray not so much for graces as for the Spirit himself,
because I feel his absence,
and act by my own spirit in everything.
Give me not weak desires but the power of his presence,
for this is the surest way to have all his graces,
and when I have the seal I have the impression also;
He can heal, help, quicken, humble suddenly and easily,
can work grace and life effectually,
and being eternal he can give grace eternally.
Save me from great hindrances,
from being content with a little measure of the Spirit,
from thinking thou wilt not give me more.
When I feel my lack of him, light up life and faith,
for when I lose thee I am either in the dark and cannot see thee,
or Satan and my natural abilities content me with a little light,
so that I seek no further for the Spirit of life.
Teach me then what to do.

Bethany -- yes, we did enjoy Bee Movie... but I don't think it was necessarily a children's movie as the G rating suggested. I found it hilarious and such an entertaining flight of imagination. But some of the humour was a little too adult, I thought. How about you guys?
Caitlin -- yay! I'm glad they got to you quickly. Happy reading! :)

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