Saturday, June 14, 2008

You nailed it, Don

Reading through Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz with a bunch of very lovely girls at the moment. I came across this hard-hitting nugget of truth today:

A friend of mine, a young pastor who recently started a church, talks to me from time to time about the new face of church in America -- about the postmodern church. He says the new church will be different from the old one, that we will be relevant to culture and the human struggle. I don't think any church has ever been relevant to culture, to the human struggle, unless it believed in Jesus and the power of His gospel. If the supposed new church believes in trendy music and cool web pages, then it is not relevant to culture, either. It is just another tool of Satan to get people to be passionate about nothing.
Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz
Chapter ten: Belief




Caitlin -- thanks so much for sharing my excitement! The publishing process is really a pretty unsure thing. Before it gets published, the book needs to somehow impress either an agent or a publisher, and that is the hardest part of the job. We'll see what God does!

Abbie -- you're so right; I don't think Jane Austen would've had one of her "elegant females" racing around the street for an hour or more. However, I do think the older version had a run in it if I'm right... I just can't remember if it was in the book! (I'm going to have to check that now or I'll keep thinking about it!) And thank you for your kind congratulations!

Elizabeth -- Thanks, lovely! You can read it soon if you like (ooh, now I'm nervous). I'll have to get the huge wad of papers down to you somehow. :)

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