Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Off into the wild blue yonder

Off, off, off into the horizon, along the coast, and across the seas. That's to be my family and I over the next few weeks, and I am looking immensely forward to it. I've gotten past the part where I feel like spinning out and I am thinking now, instead, how delightful it will be to have a few weeks where the only work is making one's bed, washing up, and deciding what to do in the daylight hours. Sounds grand, if you ask me.

I had dreamed of having the funds to purchase a replacement camera (my old one having died unceremoniously and at only middle age) before we headed off, but that thought remains, alas, a dream. I will simply have to abscond with my sister's camera every now and then and take some shots to share with you on my return.

I might get to pop in a few times while away, but I'm not entirely sure and therefore I make no promises.

Instead, I will leave you with this sobering contemplation: if they say evolution is true, then why is humanity still consuming cauliflower? This ultimate and final disproving of Darwin's theory came to me tonight at the dinner table. Three guesses as to what I was eating.



Caitlin -- siblings' sayings are the best ever. If only there was time enough to record all of them!


  1. Danielle, I love the way you just put things so eloquently!
    I thought this post superb :)

  2. Sounds like an ideal holiday. Enjoy yourself! You won't by any chance be happening to visit that gorgeous niece of yours?

  3. Hi Danielle,
    I've tagged you. I know you're away so if you can't complete it that's okay.


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