Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

1980 Just Mum and me. I am kind of harder to see.



Bethany -- that was indeed my parents in the second photo! I have no idea how Mum convinced Dad to get into that outfit.

Frank and Sue -- thanks so much for dropping by here at the blog! The wilderness was something we didn't get to see heaps of, as we were without a car for much of our trip. However, if anything, the holiday has only whetted out appetite for more Tasmanian goodness.

Caitlin -- very astute question! I am definitely still struggling to get out of holiday mode :).

Katie -- So glad you enjoyed it. There's so many good things I could say about that little state hanging off the bottom of the map.

Holly -- It doesn't feel like Winter now we're back up north. :(

Amanda -- Ooh, you are going to Tas next year? You'll love it! Feel free to email when you are planning your trip and we can give you some specifics on just the very few things we did in our time there. I'm sure you'll discover lots of other great stuff, especially if you are taking or hiring a car.


  1. Your Mum in that photo reminds me so much of one of you girls. Is it Andrea? I'm not sure. Can you give me any help?

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE!!!! Hope you have a spectacular day.

  3. Hi Danielle,
    Happy Birthday!
    Hope you are having an absolutely
    wonderful day. Thinking of you.
    with lots of love,
    BTW, I really like the photo of your Mum.

  4. Thanks Danielle. A belated Happy Birthday to you!!


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