Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend VIII: in pictures!

Playing with new paints! And making a card for a friend's bonfire birthday party on Saturday evening (happy birthday, Dan!).

Danielle Carey: Hearting Moleskine journals since 2005.

Testing out my camera on human skin. *eyebrows*
Travelling to the bonfire party. The moon was amazing this night.

Flames are amazing, too. What is so... enchanting about them?

On Sunday morning, my little brother "made" me some lunch, all on his own. Apart from the fact that the bowl is full of cold leftover soup from two days before, and the slice of tomato was scrounged from somewhere, this is a pretty good effort. Thankfully, he decided to eat it instead.

Flowers from my birthday last Monday, still shining beautifully.
Bethany -- it's so much fun "flashing back"; I'm glad you're doing it, too!


  1. Hi Danielle,
    I really like the card that you made. I've never thought of using paint like that. I'll have to get some paint and borrow your idea.
    Is the boy a stamp or just a picture? You should post more pictures of the cards you make, it might help me to think of different designs to do on cards.
    Thanks for all the photos.
    Love Tegan

  2. Ah, I was actually considering how appetising the Tain-Meal appeared...until you gave me all of that charmingly cold extra detail!

  3. Moleskine journals - I'm curious - what are they? I'm finishing up two journals at the same time right now...and so I'm consquently on the look out for more:-)


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