Monday, September 29, 2008

10 reasons why writing is better than talking any old day

one :: You can write Don Quixote and no one realises that in your head you say it Quicks-oat and not Key-oh-tay (see this post).

two :: A little editing and the use of the backspace key can make anyone look smart.

three :: Writing in place of speaking eliminates many of those How-could-I-have-said-that? moments. You can, after all, just hit delete.

four :: Writing allows you to get out a whole thought without someone interrupting with a more exciting story.

five :: (Most) three-year-olds can talk but (mostly) they can't write. Writing makes you feel grown up.

six :: Writing keeps Bic in business. Talking does nothing of the kind.

seven :: If you share a verbal something with your friend and they don't listen to you, you feel embarrassed and lame. If you share a written something with your friend and they don't read it, they feel embarrassed and lame.

eight :: It's hard to lisp in writing.

nine :: You can write with your mouth full and your mum won't tell you off.

ten :: Sitting on a bus, writing in a notebook, makes you look cool and creative and mysterious. Sitting on a bus talking to yourself just makes you look weird.

What are your additions to this list?



Caitlin -- long comments = awesome! And all I can say is: who needs driving and parking when there are such wonderful things in the universe as reading, writing, and sewing?

southeastcountrywife -- I'm glad you enjoyed :). There is a Krispy Kreme store in Brisbane now. I tell you: it's worth the flight ;).

Bethany -- my simple answer to that is: well, visit!! :D But having just driven back from Armidale, I can only imagine how much huger a trip northward from the ACT would be. Oh, and I am looking forward to popping over and reading your answers :).

Staish -- emotions, aaah! It's wonderful you have a listening to soul to joyfully unburden those emotions to. Bravo, DL!

Beth -- ohmygoodness, may I please enter this contest?? Okay, in all honesty, I confess I would be physically incapable of both running four miles and/or eating a dozen Krispy Kremes... but it would be kinda fun to try. Please tell me you have entered.


  1. Our shared inability to run 4 miles is just one more reason we are virtual friends. No, I have not entered this contest (mostly because I'm not a big fan of vomiting), but there's always next year.

    And I agree with all 10 of these things. Well said.

  2. Hehe... true, but talking *is* kinda faster, so it's actually pretty good that we have both options - if there was only writing and no talking, imagine how frustrating our visits would be... we can barely get enough words in by talking non-stop! :P

  3. PS - what happened to that mini-blog thingy that was down the side of your journal before? I liked it!!!

  4. Number seven is cest fantastique!

    ...And I most certainly pronounced it don-quicks-oatey until recently- I am a proud, reformed donkey-oatey-er, now!

    Love, Staish.

  5. Ha ha! You made me want to run and open up a writing project. I'll have to remember your points so I can answer anyone questioning my time spent with the computer keyboard! (Does commenting on blogs count?)


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