Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The List of Good on a Wednesday

I've been thinking a lot today about home-based industry, trying to earn money through the arts, and how all of it fits in with the Current Economic Crisis*. I haven't come to any sensible conclusions -- so far all I'm sure of is that jobs most likely to survive a meltdown would involve selling food and selling televisions, the two staples the western world seems unable to live without -- and I'm tempted to gloominess, so instead I present you a list of the Good Things about today:

i. Eighteen pages of handwritten loveliness all the way through the air from Kansas right to my mailbox. In this day, when the Art of the Letter is dying a slow death with every gratuitous LOL and G2G, they are even more precious. I think it was John Donne who said, 'letters mingle souls.' It's true, you know.

ii. Strong breezes and grey clouds coming up off the bay. Yes, the gentle warmth is lovely and it makes me feel like Christmas is coming (it is), but sometimes I just hanker for a good storm. And clouds and wind are just as delicious.

iii. Fish and chips consumed on polished wooden benches, with the tangle of a million masts in the marina for view.

iv. A giant-sized scoop of chocolate mousse with real chocolate and cream and chocolate sauce in a little plastic cup, all for $3.50.

Not bad for a Wednesday, I say.

*(A note about this Current Economic Crisis: I'm sure if we called it the CEC, and considered it as an abbreviation of Cecil, we wouldn't be quite so scared. It's hard to be scared of anything called Cecil).



Abbie -- Every new little thing that the munchkins do is like a little discovery -- and it just gets more and more fun as they get older! It won't be long and you'll be having big long conversations with that little nephew of yours :).

Bethany -- they just get more and more amazing and intriguing the older they grow!

Caitlin -- Hooray!! We are the Super Aunt Society, I do believe.


  1. Cecil indeed! What a joke. Cecil's nothing to be frightened of. Now just go to bed, children. Cecil can't get to you while I'm here.

  2. Number 4 sounds delicious - too bad for dairy allergies!!! :)

    And hand written letters from a friend are simply the best!!!

    Oh, and I laughed at the Cecil comment!!!

  3. Where did the mousse come from?? Where can I get that? Lets go!!


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