Friday, November 14, 2008

Greetings from the void

I apologise for the lack of posting and commenting, and offer you a sheepish face until next week when I hope to a) find where the date stamp on my blog posts has disappeared to, and b) attempt some regular posting again.

What's new in your worlds?
Simplythis -- you already know this, but I love how you write about books and your responses, and especially as regards these ones. You are quite awesome.
Southeastcountrywife -- yes, it's creeeepy.
Sarah -- I think you nailed it (again!): the issue is not about imagination or fantasy, but whether evil is celebrated. Bravo!
Lauren -- the first comment from you! Woo :). Hmm, we need to do more research, I thinky.
Karli -- awesome!! I'd heard pieces of info about "real" vampires before, but never real facts. Thanks for posting those!


  1. You are fabulous in many ways- Don't let the false guilt [Totally Forgiving Yourself- RT Kendall] get you down!

  2. ooh!
    Love the new header!
    My deductive skillz say; Glass bricks from home, olded by that cool Japanese site?


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