Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My favourite colour... just now, anyway

Blaze Danielle asked, "What's your favourite favorite colour?" You know me -- my favourites are never forever -- but just now I'm loving soft, creamy white. Loving it.

1. Creamy Small White, 2. Creamy white violet (Viola striata), 3. Creamy White Snowdrops and Yellow Celandines, 4. SOFTEST CREAMY White Vintage LUCIE ANN of Beverly Hills Nightgown, Floor Length and SWEEPING!, 5. peaches and cream ;0), 6. the humble cbc studio.



Caitlin -- I know! Somehow the carols bring with them all of that excitement and anticipation and joy!

Bek -- I tried to hold off playing any Christmas CDs until the first of December... but I already caved :). And yay Krispy Kremes!

Beth -- Nativity scene rearranging is a little-respected form of high art. Continue in your pursuit of this elite work, in spite of opposition. I'm with you all the way.

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