Friday, December 19, 2008

Holler-days were made for boys to holler.

It's been quiet here over the last little while as the summer holiday season draws us into its happy (and at times exhausting) whirl. And today -- wondrous today! -- heralds my Absolutely Officially Last Day of Work for 2008. (See, when you work from home, you can give your holidays cool names like that.) Over the Christmas gap, I'm looking forward to hanging out with my family, laying under the fan gasping for cool air, reading books in the middle of the day, staying up extremely late and sleeping in extremely late, preparing for a certain small person's eleventh birthday, entertaining (and being entertained by) my favourite twin five-year-olds, writing lots of letters to extremely patient friends -- in all, simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

To help with all of that, I'm turning off many of the usual Things that fill my days, among them: this blog. I'll be away until early 2009 (unless I get hit over the head by some awe-inspiring revelation too impressive not to share). I can be reached by email or at facebook (or even just leave a comment here). I wish you all a very precious holiday season spent with loved ones, and a fresh understanding of the Love that came down at Christmas -- Love lovely, Love divine.


  1. To your family from ours, have a lovely Christmas!

  2. Hi Danielle,

    Sorry I didn't reply to your ENOYN. I enjoyed it, especially the photos. Amelia and Mitchell are so cute!!! Hope you enjoy the break over Christmas! Wishing all the Careys (and Hornseys) a very joyous Christmas.Are Sam & Andrea spending Christmas with you? Much love to you.

  3. Your plans for the Christmas break sound absolutely awesome!


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