Thursday, March 26, 2009

A brilliant oxymoron

Sorry for the unpostiness! I have been:

a) unwell, followed by
b) excited about Things, followed by
c) trying to catch up on my monthly 20,000-word goal.

In lieu of real words, have this picture instead, taken at Byron Bay last month. Gospel graffiti? It seems like the perfect irony.


  1. that's such a cool picture!

  2. Another irony (in my humble opinion) is the growing number of Christians tatooing Bible verses on their person.

    I could be wrong though. It does happen.:)

  3. Wow. That's funny, in a strange sort of way!

    Cuuute top DD! :) It's a shame you've been sick - hope you're feeling much better now... xox

    (and for some reason I have to post this using my LJ account? Weird.)

  4. Amanda -- it's a strange one! Although destruction of another's property does seem more clearly unscriptural than tattooing, to me. To be honest, I don't get either!

    Meaghan -- thanks lovie! Feeling much better now :).


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