Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two weeks in Tas: Architecture

Honestly, I think it takes a while to re-enter the atmosphere of the real world after a two-holiday. That's certainly been the case for me; it's been hard to settle down to normal life again. Hard to settle down to the good, important, and necessary stuff, I mean -- and all too easy to let go of the other good things gained: the inspiration, the refreshment, the new ideas, the hope of possibility.

Happily, looking at these pictures of Tasmanian architecture inspires me all over again:

[the view from the balcony of our apartment]

[the clock tower that chimed every quarter of the hour;
my brother's counting improved greatly just by listening to this]

[one of the fountains in City Park, Launceston]

[glorious old homes]

[more old home deliciousness. The roses!]

[the mysterious Spiky Bridge; no one knows quite why it was built so]
Coming soon to a blog near you: Tasmanian nature. Yum.
Caitlin -- my pleasure! It was fun sending those postcards back off to the mainland :).
Carla -- I STILL miss you! I must catch up on your blogging ;).
Staish -- I know you will appreciate the fine art of picture posing.


  1. Noice! :)

    (and yes, you must catch up on my blogging... you've missed HEAPS!!!) :) xo


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