Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two weeks in Tas: People

The penguin in the jumping picture is one of the only things I remember from the Tasmanian holiday our family went on in 1986. It was strangely awesome to get to see that beloved penguin again -- a lot smaller than I'd remembered. Oh, and the picture above is one of they very few with my Dad in it; others usually include him and a sticking-out tongue or similar. Nice.

This is my last post of Tasmanian pictures and -- shout hooray -- my hundredth post here. Throw some confetti!


  1. You are lovely and amazing! :D Great photos.

  2. That second photo is brilliant. It's the sort of thing I'd LOVE to hang in my house. Too bad I don't have a house. :-(

    But I have an internet! So I will happily look at it here. :-)

  3. Of all your Tassie picture posts, this one is my fav. :) Gorgeous pictures - seeing you all makes me miss you more!


  4. Ooooh, and I forgot something most important...

    *THROWS CONFETTI* Yaaaay!!!


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