Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goodbyes, Brisbane-style

On Sunday, our favourite Finns-who-speak-Swedish, Jakob and Nicolina, jump on a plane to head back to their homeland. I keep saying it's a small world, but it seems big when I contemplate the massive miles and flight hours and dollars separating Australia from Finland. But I really hope I can get over there someday to see these fine people. Or perhaps they can just emigrate here. Yes.
Last night, a bunch of us gathered at Southbank to say farewell to Jakob and Nicolina. We sprawled on the grass and watched the CityCats zip back and forth across the Brisbane River. The more energetic of us played frisbee and others had an impromptu photo session with a bunch of tourists whose only English word was "bye". We guarded one of the few free barbecues with our lives and then cooked -- which, to some, is a loosely-translated word -- our dinner, before heading to the man-made cove and swimming or sitting and chatting while digging our toes in the sand.
After conversation and ice cream, we drove up to Mt. Coot-tha where masses of people were gathered at the railing of the lookout to see the sprawling city lights and the vivid orange moon poking out from behind the clouds. We talked some more and took lots of pictures, including the top one, in which Lauren is chopped off and Jakob thinks I look like I am trying to kill the camera with my eyes.
Jakob and Nicolina, we will definitely miss you. Come back soon!


  1. Good-by, beautiful nordic [??] people with outrageously post-modern accent-age.

    I love your hot pics- Lauren looks like someone just offered her fistfuls of bubblegum icecream with a phalanx of sparklers. Awesome.

  2. Where in Finland? I am going to Finland in a couple of weeks...

    (You should totally take a trip Up Here. ::grin::)

  3. Staish -- haha! I love your description of Lauren's expression. You nailed it.

    Asea -- oh, I wish I knew which part of Finland! I figured I'd get the details if I ever actually found my way there :).


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