Friday, June 26, 2009

Just a minute...

or: blogging in a few short words

Currently making: cards for all the engagements and weddings bursting into bloom around here.

Currently watching: Cranford, and enjoying it immensely. What I love about so much of what the BBC makes is that they reveal the beauty of the ordinary character. The person may not be beautiful by the world's standard, but British television knows how to show the hero's heart. I like that.

Currently reading: The Potter's Field by Ellis Peters (remind me to talk about the Brother Cadfael books at bookity boo sometime soon) and Radical Womanhood by Carolyn McCulley. Both excellent, though in completely different ways, obviously.
Currently listening: to Jimmy Needham's Speak. I have a chronic hatred of overplaying. I can't stand listening to songs too many times in a row. But I confess: I have been guilty of listening to this one at some stage every day of the last week. It's so lovely -- think Michael Buble's sound but with so much more exuberance, and then add worship into the mix. I'm liking it so much.

Currently wearing: ugg boots, because it's really quite cold. And grey. And wet.

Currently inspired: by a big fat package from the US with lots of crafting supplies courtesy of this lady (all the pictures in this post are goodies from the parcel). Now I want to have a crafternoon and Make Things.

Looking forward to: weddings, this Saturday and the next. Yay, weddings!

Not looking forward to: waving goodbye to loved ones at the airport.
(Just a minute came via Hayley from here.)


  1. Cranford! Yay! Isn't it just beautiful?

    Danielle, I always adore reading your posts. I fall in love with each one:) Your manner of writing is....delicious.

  2. Fun!
    That stamp with the camera is so adorable :)
    Cranford is GREAT!!!!

  3. Hello precious girlie! xoxoxox

  4. Bek -- Cranford is GORGEOUS; you're so right. And thanks so much for your lovely words -- you are a sweetheart and you encourage me to keep writing :).

    Rach -- yes indeed!

    Carla -- hello my friend. xox


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