Monday, June 15, 2009

Mail day of fabulousness.

Today was a very down day for a million reasons and for no reason at all. I could tell you why there was gloom but I'd rather tell you it was perfect timing that this amazing little package got stuffed into my mailbox today.

A little while ago, an awesome handmade creative mail swap project did the facebook circuit. I'm still on the go with the gifts I'm making for a half a dozen or so friends (roll on the holidays for creative good times, I say!), but today I received a gift myself. Yaaay!

For starters: just lookit the packaging! I bet every postman or mail sorter who had to touch that package smiled and wished they could open it. Seriously.

And then, inside the Mailing Envelope of Greatness, was the Tote Bag of Awesomeness! Long-ago school friend Sarah has hand-painted and hand-inked this tote bag into sheer adorability and it's an absolute work of art. I am currently tossing up whether to a) actually use it or b) hang it on the wall and gaze on the loveliness instead.

Thank you, Sarah! It's so gorgeous and completely brightened my grey day.
P.S. Sarah has an etsy store where the cuteness continues. Check it! Little Miss Swan.


  1. I'm sure that would brighten anybody's day!! I think I love the packaging even more than the bag :) So cute...

    Hope tomorrow is brighter.....

    Love you.

  2. Wow, what a surprise and what beautiful piece of artwork it is! I might be tempted to just hang it up too!

  3. That really is gorgeous...
    Speaking of gorgeous things in the mail, when can we expect the valedictory edition of Whatsoever? (I've been hanging out for it...)

  4. Caitlin -- it definitely did brighten my day! And thank you for your warm words: I've had a very encouraging few days. God is good. Love you!! xox

    Samantha -- happy surprises in the mail are just tooo good! :)

    Erin -- you're a sweetie to call WM a 'gorgeous thing in the mail' :). Thank you so much for your question! You reminded me that I've been meaning to update the WM blog with news of its coming. You guessed it: the issue is running behind! But it *is* being pulled together now so hopefully it won't be too far away. There's more details at the blog: God bless!


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