Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Post-it note:

My blog has resembled something of a black hole of late. I keep jotting down little things I want to tell you all and then never quite finding a thinking-sized chunk of time in which to do so. So here's my little placeholder, my post-it note to say that I'm here, alive, and busy -- though not always wearing beach hats and hawaiian leis (my little brother took the picture before a party last Friday night). So I'll catch you up on my world sometime -- hopefully -- soon.
In the meantime, what's happening in yours? I'm a little lonely tonight, so I'd love to hear something from your part of the planet.
What's the happiest thing that's occurred this week?
What new discovery have you made?
What was the best thing you ate?
How are you celebrating the arrival of Winter -- or Summer?
(and thank you for your comments at the last post. I have been mulling over them and been encouraged by them).
Love. xx


  1. Happiness: lots of coffee, lunches, and walks with friends
    Discovery: that I can write science fiction!
    Eating: some kind of soup I had a sushi restaurant (the description was in Russian and Japanese... no idea what it was, but it was yellow and creamy and GOOD!)
    Summer: going wandering in the gardens of the Tsar's summer palaces, getting lost and sunburned and chatting and having a picnic and eating ice cream!

  2. Happiest thing: finishing an article
    Discovery: I can sit at the picnic table outside our house and still get wireless! Now that's a pretty sweet office!
    Food: Post-migraine basmati rice with milk and brown sugar...hunger is the best sauce. :O)
    Summer: Walking in the rain with small neighbors

  3. I think I'm happiest about the warm summer-y June weather! As soon as I can find some local strawberries, I will be perfectly content! I hope I'm not making you Winter people jealous! Discovery: I'm twenty-three! Yikes!

  4. Happiest thing: getting an international package! :)

    Discovery: life eventually does start to be good again...i can actually say that i'm pretty happy with it--when did that happen?!?

    Food: Lindt dark "pear intense" chocolate :D

    Winter: celebrating?! by buying some woollen tights to wear under jeans to stay warmer!! lol

  5. Asea --
    That is quite a fabulous discovery to have made! I'm guessing I'll have to catch up on your writing journal to sample some of this wonder? And: wandering in the Tsar's summer palaces?? You are living in a fairytale!

    Elisabeth --
    There is nothing to rival that satisfied feeling of having finishing something major, is there? Such a good sensation! Your office sounds perfect; I want to come study there!

    The First Rose --
    23? Enjoy it! It sounds SO grown-up, doesn't it?

    Southeastcountrywife --
    Packages -- yay!! Ah, and your discovery is a good one. In fact, it's just what I needed to read today, even though my challenges are nothing compared to what yours have been. Thanks for encouraging me!

  6. Happiest thing. I realized that I feel prepared for my exam that is coming up on the 27th

    discovery. My dog suffers from episodic falling (well, I've diagnosed her with it anyway.)

    something I ate. Roast chicken with roast potatoes, mixed vegetables, and gravy

    celebrating the arrival of winter. I haven't celebrated yet.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day.



  7. Happiest thing- Being able to go to the gym on Wednesday evening and participate in my favourite class

    Discovery- That unlike Bethany, I felt today that I'm not ready to do a piano exam in three weeks.

    Something I ate- strawberry and custard pie

    Celebrating the arrival of winter- I haven't done anything to celebrate either,but that last two days have been perfect winter weather. Beautiful.

    Sending you a hug.
    Love Tegan

  8. Bethany --
    Ah, there's nothing like feeling *ready* for an exam, is there? Mm, a roast? Sounds delightful! I think we are having one tomorrow for my dad's birthday.

    Tegan --
    Your zeal for gym inspires me! What is your favourite class? I hope you end up feeling ready for your exam. I'm sure you'll do fabulously :). Hugs back at you, friend. xox

  9. Hi gorgeous girl! I love you to bits and pieces! I'm sorry you were feeling lonely... I've been praying for you and hope that Jesus filled up the hole. :) xo That is such a funny picture of you - you always crack me up! I wish you didn't have a wedding on the day of my engagement party. Boo. :P Okay, now to answer your questions: What's the happiest thing that's occurred this week? Can I have two? :) Last Saturday was one, getting to catch up with Katherine - my futer sister-in-law! I hadn't seen her since her wedding - the day I met Alastair! It was so lovely - and WEIRD to think we're going to be related! What new discovery have you made? Going to bed at 2:55am is not the smartest thing to do. :P (Like I didn't know that already) What was the best thing you ate? Ooooh, a Haigh's Peppermint Truffle bar... you HAVE to try them! How are you celebrating the arrival of Winter -- or Summer? Um... I'm not. But winter means that the footy (AFL) is on, so that makes Alastair celebrate. :) I updated my blog and there are some nice pics on there girlie if you want to check it out. Hope you have a lovely lovely day, and we'll talk soon, okay? :) Love you and miss youuuuuu! xoxox

  10. Carla --
    Thanks so much for your loving and chirpy message. It really means so much to me and especially your prayers; I needed them this week! Yes yes yes I am thankful for you! And what's this about peppermint truffle bars? Methinks I eed a new taste experience! Okay, I am coming to look at your blog right now :).

  11. This week I'm getting ready for VBS!!! The most wonderful week of the year. Seriously. I'll be working with the counselors in training (CIT)—the going-into-sixth-graders. The theme is the OUTBACK. Boomerang Express—It all comes back to Jesus. Any tips from my lovely Australian friend?

  12. You should catch up on my writing journal anyway, but the sci-fi piece is currently secret, as it has been entered into a competition and will be disqualified if I post it anywhere. When I'm out of the competition, I will post all my stories from it. I might expand on this sci-fi one, though... it was quite interesting and has loads of backstory that didn't get into the short piece at all. :-)

    The summer palaces of the Tsars have far too much gold in them for my taste, but the gardens are lovely. Going camping is still more my taste, though. ;-)

  13. Suzanne --
    Wow - sounds like so much fun and a wonderful challenge, too! Makes me want to enjoy an American summer :). Outback theme ideas? Hmm, akubra hats are a must. Drinking tea made in a billy over a campfire would be lots of fun, too, as well as cooking damper, the quintessential swagman food. Don't forget to sing "Waltzing Matilda" :)

    Asea --
    I can't wait to hear how you do in the sci-fi contest... and I'd definitely love to read some snippets when you get the all-clear :).


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