Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 exciting things to do with words

Those five weeks of school holidays I mentioned a while back? Vanished, in the mythical puff of smoke. I don't know what happened to them -- or to the half million things I was going to do during them -- but nevertheless, after this weekend it's back to school for me. I wish I could have achieved more during my break, but I'm excited about starting back to work, too. So many delightful things to learn!

I may have completely failed to do any writing work during my holidays, but that doesn't mean exciting word-related things aren't afoot -- because they are!

For starters, my smart, talented, creative, and cute sister Lauren features in the latest issue of the charming publication, Peppermint. As part of a special feature on the world of DIY craft, Lauren shares about our little etsy store, Love JanieLou, and how it all works. Peppermint is a quality publication focussed on looking after the resources we have and being ultra-creative with what we've got, so it's an honour to be a part of it. Excitement! PS. I should have done something about my chipped nailpolish before I took those pictures but... alas.

Yet again, I have fallen in love with my local shire's council. Last night, Lauren and I attended the launch for a new program called Authors in Action. The program, sponsored by the council to encourage the development of local writing and creativity, introduces a series of workshops and author talks available to the public (and usually for free) regularly over the next few months. The concept is a fantastic one and I applaud the council and the local libraries for coordinating such a brilliant project. And I can't wait to learn from all the braininess that'll be on offer.

Last night after Bible study at my church, a bunch of us gathered to discuss the beginnings of a brand new book club. It's all very random and organic but at this stage it looks like we'll be meeting three-weekly to chat through the chapters we've read in the interim, and the book we're starting with is Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. I'm thrilled because I've wanted to read this book for so long, and I love the accountability and meatiness of getting together with a group of friends to talk over what we're learning. Book clubs YAY!


  1. Lovely to see you back on your blog!:) and the photos were an extra bonus-I loved the one of you on Skype with your Dad and Tain! And how lovely to have more publicity, writing,and reading to fill your days! Lovely to 'see' you both the other day...and I hope you got your hot water fixed! Much love, Abbie

  2. Wow, how exciting - all three things! And you two girls are darling in that mag photo. :-D

    I do admit I am very sad that your writing blog has been hibernating so long. Is it almost spring in Australia? Please? *puppy dog eyes and offers of chocolate ice cream*

  3. TheOaks -- definitely exciting to see you guys connected to the web!! :) We enjoyed talking to you ladies; sorry I had to duck off. The poor electrician kept wondering where I'd disappeared to :). But we have hot water back -- yay!

    Asea -- thank you, sweet friend! Your sadness over the hibernation of my writing blog is a very inspiring thing, you know. I am definitely feeling like I MUST get into it. The puppy dog eyes help... for sure!


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