Monday, July 27, 2009

Doing unheroic things heroically

Not too long ago I watched Valkyrie, a depiction of the amazing true story behind an attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler. See it yourself. It's an incredible piece of history that I previously knew little about, and I am definitely intrigued to find out more. I am especially compelled by the moral conflict that faced the conspirators: is it right to commit one sin (the murder of a tyrant) that many more sins might not be committed? It's a challenging one.

What I only discovered just today, however, is that the pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was also implicated in the plot to assassinate Hitler. It's fired me with a desire to learn more about this great man of God. I've had his Cost of Discipleship in my to-read pile for a while now, but I'd love to read a really good biography about him first. Any recommendations?


  1. I'm compelled by the same question myself. One part of me wanted to say it was right for them to try to kill him, but I just couldn't see how that worked biblically! I'm still wrestling with the question. That movie was great, wasn't it?

    Love you lots and promise I'll write soon.... :)

  2. Caitlin -- me, too! I admired him while yet being unsure as to whether what he was doing was completely ethical from a Christian perspective... I trust I will never have to face such a situation myself.
    Love you, too, and looking forward to your words when you have opportunity! I thought it was my turn to write...? I'll have to check my letter-writing notes!

  3. oh no, it;s my turn to write - it's just that it's been so long it probably feels like you should have had a letter by now :)

    How are you guys doing all on your lonesome without your parents?


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