Monday, August 10, 2009

In praise of treehouses.

When I was small, a kids' magazine I subscribed to included, in one special issue, a large fold-out poster of a treehouse. The treehouse wasn't a real one; it was just a stylised artist's concept drawing, but I remember spending ages lying on my stomach on the floor, chin propped in hands, gazing at this picture. Then, for months, I drew my own plans for treehouses with amazing multi-levels and real windows and doors. Oh, and a pulley system for lowering and lifting snacks and mail. Always there had to be a pulley system.

Nowadays, pictures of treehouses still fill me with that same sense of otherworldly enchantment. I remember being a small person and believing that it really would be possible to make a treehouse with six rooms and a shingled roof and a rope ladder which could be drawn up when intruders appeared.

And so it makes sense that I want to jump straight into these pictures, from Pete Nelson's New Treehouses of the World. Aren't they just incredibly dreamy and fairytale?

Happy Monday to you all. Long live treehouses!


  1. I Loooooooooove that first tree-house!
    It is so romantic and majestic....
    The atmosphere in it reminds me of something that ought to be in the Spiderwick Chronicles movie.

  2. You watched Swiss Family Robinson too many times

  3. The first treehouse is my favorite too! Just adorable! I can relate to your "spending ages lying on my stomach on the floor" memories. For me, it was a book of mazes. The full-color illustrations were much better than the actual maze that wound through them. One of my favorites was a pixie tree-house! All good for the imagination!

  4. I, too, adore treehouses. Also houses underground, akin perhaps to hobbit-holes. (It was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort.) I admit to there being a page or two in about every-other one of my journals (current not excepted) with designs for some kind of wacky tree or cave house. What can I say; I´m a romantic at heart. ;-)

  5. Bek -- what say we hire out the top treehouse and have a big girly sleepover?

    Julia -- me, too!! Like, heaps.

    Mothercare -- I think you might be onto something.

    The First Rose -- I remember having the same experience with mazes, too. They almost seemed as if they could be real :)

    Asea -- and what is wrong with being a romantic at heart? I say: nothing!


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