Friday, September 4, 2009


Well, hi. Sorry I've been completely missing in action. I have been alternately drowning in a) assignments due, and b) hugs and kisses from theworld'scutest niece and nephew (I leave it to you to determine which is the happier way to die). I spent a whole week with my sister and her babies, and I even got to do the aunt sleepover thing for the first time ever -- amazingly, there were only a couple of small-people tears when it got to bedtime and mama wasn't there. Tonight, my hilarious and lovely cousin arrives from New South Wales and we are intending to laugh a lot, hang out at a festival, go to the movies and see Up, and numerous other good things. I will return to more faithful blogging when the excitement -- and the deadlines -- die down.


  1. I think I'd prefer to die from the second option. Oh, and I'd like to hear what you think of "UP" when you see it. I only found out about it the other week and wondered whether it will be like the Pixar movies "Cars," "Toy Story", "Monsters Inc." etc; or more like "Wall-e" and "A Bug's Life".

  2. Well I think we both know which way would be the better way to die!
    I have been hanging out for UP and then I forgot!
    I hope it is as enjoyable as my mind expects it to be.
    Have fun!

  3. How lovely to spend time together! :) Aren't little ones so precious and cute?! Hope you have a lovely time with your cousin! Much love to you! Abbie
    (And oh! the Elizabeth Goudge book-have you read it? I've heard of her books, but haven't ever seen or read any of her books! )

  4. We misssssss you!

    Silly real life, getting in the way of internet life. ;-)


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