Monday, October 26, 2009

New Zealand :: sustenance

New Zealand is good at many things, not the least of which is its food. Exhibit one: enormous double-scoop icecreams for UNDER TWO BUCKS.

Exhibit two: iced coffees which never fail to be served with a whopping long bar of New Zealand's own Whitaker's chocolate.

Exhibit three: an affogato, the sheer caffeinated strength of which almost burnt a whole in my mouth.

Exhibit four: amazingly delicious (oh, and guilt-free, for once) organic apple and blackcurrant juice. Mmm.


  1. This is definitely a reason why I need to go to New Zealand!

  2. Ok, so I need to go to New Zealand. And I'd better be climbing mountains and going everywhere on foot, because otherwise I'll come back twice the size I left...

    CHOCOLATE bars with iced coffee? Seriously? Maybe New Zealand is Heaven and I just never knew it!

  3. That food looks delicious. Especially the top one. I love ice cream.

  4. DUDE. Me wants icecream.
    ...Are you feeling better?
    Missed seeing you today.

    I think I've seen those Phoenix drinks before. Maybe when I worked at KMF in Rochedale? We could go there. I think you'd like the deli next door :)

  5. oh my gosh. i'm salivating.
    syo is going to new zealand on tour next year, so if i get back in i'll definitely be looking for all this stuff!
    (please forgive my belated comment spree. i'm really behind in all departments friend-related atm.)

  6. i know this is a bit late but YUM!!!!


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