Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Gon out. Bisy. Backson"

It probably appears as though my blog fell into a treacherous, snowy abyss. I promise you it didn't. Just, my cousin is here and we are doing Things and it leaves little time for writing. Also, my computer is being recalcitrant so my web-moments are stolen from other peoples' computers. I'll be back soon!

PS. I've noticed some of you have asked questions in recent comments. I'll answer them, I promise! Feel free to ask any others here, and I'll address them all in a big Q&A post.


  1. I admit that I was thinking abyss, but even I know that it's Summer in Australia, so there can't be snow! ;-)

    I do miss your cheery self around. Can I be your second cousin Annie? ;-)

  2. Family visits are lovely abysses to fall into.;)


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