Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well here we are.

2010 is already one-twelfth dissolved into history, and that fraction has been a month very full for me and the people I love.
January was a flurry sandwiched between two weddings at the beginning and one at its end, filled in all its spaces with one interstate road trip, one interstate air trip (why do we not say air trip when we so easily say road trip?), my parents' move, thousands of words of essay writing, farewells as friends begin new lives elsewhere, and wedding planning.
And it all concluded with my sister Lauren and I spending nine days on the gorgeous West Australian coast. There, we hung out with our parents and littlest brother, enjoyed traipsing around their new neighbourhood, read books in the middle of the day, went to the movies with Mum and Tain, developed golden tans without even trying, saw dolphins, caught up with beloved friends for the first time in three years, cuddled a gorgeous brand new baby (who was conveniently born while we were in the state), watched a beautiful friend marry her bff, hung out with our big-little brother and his girlfriend, sipped espreskis at Dome(!), and remembered just how incredible WA really is.
The holiday finished today, as we cruised back into Brisbane above the sunrise (and through a rainbow) during a stormy dawn. At the end of such a delightful holiday, and galvanised with the halo of thoughts that a holiday always creates, this feels like the beginning of my 2010. I am ready to make things. To write letters. To welcome my excellent cousin Annie for five days. To start my second year of uni. To edit my novel. To wash loads of washing. To read great books.
To get better at that confusing aerobic dance workout. To keep a journal once again. To get to know more locals. To bake cupcakes.
Tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow. This evening, I will curl up on the lounge, watch a nice movie, and possibly even doze off.


  1. It is always wonderful to have bloggers come back after their break :)
    your holiday sounded so nice! I love getting back into ordinarly life and whatnot after a long holiday =D
    Anyway, lovely having you back!

  2. Oooh, Dome! I love Dome! :)
    (that was exactly what I said as I was reading! lol)

    As for continuing on the comment, I miss Dome and wish we had Dome. I'm also glad to hear you had such a lovely time and had a chuckle at the "conveniently born" comment. ;)

  3. Ah Danielle - what a beautiful post! So glad you could enjoy some rejuvenation time over in Perth.
    I love your writing so much and I look forward to following your blog this year :)
    Happy Monday xx

  4. Sounds like a lovely month, really. :-) A good use of the first twelfth of the year, I say.

  5. Rach -- thanks for the welcomes back :D.

    Kristy -- where did you have Dome? Isn't it awesome??

    Bec -- Aw, you're delightful!

    Asea -- IT WAS.

  6. A restful holiday is always good for the brain, the body, inspiration and motivation. You go girl!!


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