Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daybook #1

Today, an intrusive headache assails. So, instead of knuckling in and studying, I'm declaring a mental and physical health day. I've folded two baskets of washing while watching an old war movie (Von Ryan's Express) and was spoilt by my mother who made homemade cheeseburgers for everybody. Now, inspired by Elizabeth, I'm popping in to share some little pieces of my day:

Outside my window, the sky is grey and full, a hazy blanket trapping the warm air in close about us. I hope the rain will come and wash away the stifling thickness.

I have been listening to Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander on audiobook.

I am wearing a watermelon-coloured gypsy top and a black skirt.

I am thankful that my mother and little brother have been staying for a month. It's been lovely!

I am pondering how to separate wishes from needs and discern God's best plan.

I am reading, among other things, L.M. Montgomery's A Tangled Web and Francine Prose's Reading Like a Writer. The latter is described as "a love letter to the pleasures of reading", and this description is absolutely true.

I am thinking about how to tackle the short story assignment due this semester. The more brilliant short stories I read, the more I become convinced I cannot write anything good myself!

I am creating plans for a bridal shower for my youngest sister.

Beauty in the home comes lately in the form of candles lit at bedtime for reading. Why is everything so much more beautiful by candlelight?

I am hoping and praying for some extended family members going through challenges, and for friends who seek only to walk in God's best path.

One of my favorite things to do in the chill-zone is watch movies with my mum and sister.

My plans for the rest of the week include a girly shoppy evening, study!, a friend's wedding, an evening of acoustic cafe at my church, and yet another airport farewell.

A picture thought I’m sharing is from this weekend just past. This amazing art installation is currently housed in the Queensland Art Gallery and we got to see it last weekend. My twin goddaughters and little brother loved the touchability of this artwork, which encourages gallery visitors to pull from the stack of recycled material and create a piece of their own. I love this!


  1. awesome! what in the world is that picture of? It looks really cool :P

  2. Ooh, thanks for sharing that--we'll have to go check out that display at the art gallery! What are some short stories you find brilliant? I always shy away from short stories but I don't really know why. I should correct that.

  3. How nice to read about your hope your headache passes away swiftly! Enjoy the rest of your week, and any reading, writing or planning that you do! Much love, Abbie


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