Monday, August 2, 2010

Awesome thing of the day #6

Uni started back last week after the Holidays Of Serious Enjoyment, and my lack of attention to blogging is painfully evident. Until I roll my sleeves up and make a proper post, please enjoy the sixth Awesome Thing of the Day: a mash-up of the David Crowder*Band's performances of Oh Happiness during their Summer of Happiness 2010 Tour.

Excited crowds, Crowder with crazy hair, Hogan synthesizing, a drum-robot called Steve3PO, smiley faces, and happiness because of grace. What could be more excellent?

* * * * *


Jessicarose -- so cool to meet you through this crazy world that is blogging! I think I have an idea who you are -- do you know my cousin Fran? And the Fosters?

Katie -- Giant spiders are definitely one terrifying aspect of my life I'd rather live without. I genuinely shudder just thinking about them.

Staish -- let's talk seam allowance sometime soon!

Samantha -- :D Aw, thanks! You encourage me to keep blogging!

Meaghan -- You KNOW those are my favourite kinds of puns. They don't make me groan; they make me smile. See? :D

Anonymous -- shucks! Is that you, Mum?

Andrea -- I got a comment from you! My blogging life is complete!

1 comment:

  1. Bet you were jealous you weren't there. Maybe one day...would you take me?


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