Thursday, August 19, 2010

Awesome thing of the day #7

I remember spending a lot of time as a small girl gazing at a poster of a treehouse. With about a dozen rooms in individual pods branching off from, well, branches, it defied all laws of engineering and gravity. Somehow, though, it pulled me in as stories could pull me in. I wanted to be in that picture so much I almost was.

That ability to be lost in something entirely imaginary has faded a little bit -- perhaps it's reached a more healthy level now? -- but I felt a tinge of it again when I saw this incredible Camper Bike, built by Kevin Cyr. Is this or this not amazing? Your own little house, wherever you ride! *hearts*

* * * * *


Mitanika -- ooh, link love! Going to check out that motivational rap now :).

Samantha -- ah, you don't miss anything! I saw that "late twenties" lingering there the other day and just couldn't bring myself to change it yet. Maybe I should erase all references to age? ;)

Staish -- :D Do you have the whole album?


  1. Oh wow, there were so many pictures I wanted to live in. I used to have one blu-tacked to the wall right by my pillow and it was basically a scene of a beautiful, very Australian forest, with ferns and greenery and gum trees. It was beautiful - just like looking through a window. I wished I could just step out into it. I wished I lived in that scene and that I could see it at every window or when I was sitting on my huge balcony (which I would obviously have, with such a view on offer).

    Thank-you for reminding me of that. :)

  2. That is SO cool! I want one!!

    xo L

  3. I don't miss a thing! ;)
    Yeah, I like the idea of erasing all references to age. Let your readers imagine how old you are =P

    LOve that awesome thing!

  4. Oh man. Want. If I could have that and a really awesome tree house, I would be the happiest person ever.

  5. Yes! I bought it for D.
    I'll bring it by yours :)


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