Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pixel fixation:

My mum, dad, sisters, brother, and brothers-in-law all joined forces to become Captain Planet buy me a digital SLR for my thirtieth birthday. Yesterday, I was a little bit overwhelmed by how amazing that is. Today, however, I'm just plain distracted. I can't seem to do anything without also considering whether I should, in some way, take pictures during the activity or chore or study, or of it, or instead of it. I'm thankful for the awesomeness of my family.

* * * * *


Mothercarey -- we should definitely do a DC*B concert together one day! I would hope they would have happy smiling face paddles we could wave in the air :).

Caitlin -- it's such a hard thing to remember, isn't it? I'll look up that song by Steven Curtis Chapman (when I get some more download space!). :D

Jessicarose -- aw, congrats on your engagement! And how cool that we've connected via blogland :).

Staish -- I absolutely agree with you! There's such a difference between celebrity-beauty and creative-beauty!

Rebecca Simon -- :D xox

Click -- you articulated precisely my own struggle in a beauty-oriented culture. It's definitely an upstream swim to remember that our worth is in so much more than our appearance.

Nan -- ah, George MacDonald is always full of wisdom! Thank you for the lovely quote (and also your email, which I hope to reply to soon). x

Amanda -- ethics twins!! :D

Tegan -- aw, thank you so much!! Your gift was gorgeous (I think James wanted to take those jellybean flowers home with him), but I'll say more via mail. :)


  1. How exciting! Which type of SLR did you receive?

  2. Oh, the top picture is amazing.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! What camera did you get?
    HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!! (I had meant to tell you on your birthday yesterday but the thought passed me by while I was gone at work)
    I hope you had a wonderful day; tell us all about it! ;)
    And keep up the good photography!

  4. I love the pictures you have taken with it so far!

  5. What an amazing family and what an amazing present! It's kind of obvious that you're going to put it to very good use.

  6. Hey, you're not allowed to say you got a DSLR and not tell us what kind!! Sheesh, woman!

  7. The first picture is drop dead gorgeous! Looks like you're having fun with it - will there be more pictures soon? =)

  8. What a lovely gift...from a lovely family! :) I'm sure with your photography skills, we will see some beautiful photos...hint, hint! Have fun experimenting - it takes a while to figure it all out, doesn't it! And happy birthday once again for Wednesday!
    Much love to you! Abbie x

  9. That's so cool!! How are you going to get anything at all done, ever again?! And I think I like the subject matter ;)

  10. New cameras are so much fun, aren't they?

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!


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