Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Journal XXIV :: State of origin.

Let me preface this post by saying that I really have amazing friends. If you want proof of their amazingness, let me tell you that Meaghan and Carla (below), who have been part of my little circle of BFFs for thirteen years now, bought me tickets down to New South Wales for my birthday gift. My mind was blown; in fact, I was kind of overwhelmed by their loveliness.

I got to spend five days with them, hanging out with these favourite girls, getting to know Carla's hubby Alastair better, catching up with my sister and niece who joined us for a sleepover, spending an afternoon with mutual girlfriends, and laughing with Carla and Meaghan's parents.

We went to an adorable market where we found amazing Hungarian (Turkish? Girls, help me out) delights which can kind of be described as a bigger, crispier, thinner version of a doughnut. It was amazing -- and not just because you kind of un-spiral it to eat.

We also jumped off stuff!
And gazed at amazing lighthouses, which are always cool.

We also ate occasional plastic food.

Carla found new ways to amuse us.

And my sister stole my camera and took strange photos of me.

'Missa Glen' was like a barbecueing phenomenon. I'm pretty sure the apron with a large Freesian cow in a field of sunflowers definitely helped with this.

There were imaginary tea parties...

And amazing pavlovas. Mm, yes.

We hung out with old friends...

And I managed to ruin this otherwise mature photo.
The guys were repeatedly drawn to the football score...
And I was repeatedly drawn to this beautiful bouquet that was in my guest room.
Thank you, my gorgeous friends. You are quite lovely and I'm so thankful for you!

* * * * *


Elisabeth -- :D

Samantha -- yes! We're all different and we can only be who we are and seek to be available to help others with their needs. There's no point in being more openly needy simply to seem more appealing to guys.

Jessica -- that's what I would've thought, too! Although I do hear people say that confidence can be intimidating.

Staish -- you are the ideal example of this: you are open and honest about your life but don't just spill to everybody you know. I'm so glad to be your friend :).

The First Rose -- so true, Sarah! xx


  1. OH Danielle, I LOVE that you "ruined" that photo. I grinned the instant I looked at it--you are awesome and lovely and fun.:)

  2. So good to see everyone and I must say Danielle, you are a knockout.

  3. Loverly photos; what fun you had together! You have AMAZING friends. But I'm sure you already knew that! ;)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!!

  4. Yes, Hungarian! Mmm yum...

    Haha I seriously had no idea I could jump that high! But what happened to the picture of *you* jumping with us, huh? :P

    All the pictures of you are really cute. I liiiike.

    SO glad you could come! Love you muchly xx

  5. Nah. You made that photo all the more awesome.

  6. I lovelovelove your purple eye makeup...and Turkish Delights!!


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