Monday, October 4, 2010

Ask the audience:

I'm looking for a fresh way to share pictures -- especially with my long-distance family and friends -- in a way that's closer to a blogging platform with a frequently-updated feed, and less like Flickr's more static page. This blog is really about life and faith and writing, so I don't want to pepper it with single-image posts (plus there's the fact that doing so might make me lazy and forget to actually formulate real thoughts with real words).

So: any suggestions for an alternative? Tumblr? A second blog? Something different altogether?

Your input is valued so much that I'll send you imaginary caramel-crusted donuts if you share your suggestions (the imaginary donuts are sugar-free, but they don't taste like they're sugar-free).


  1. Tumblr sounds like a good place for that.

  2. I don't know... really. A separate blog?

  3. I would still put on weight even if the doughnuts are imaginary.

  4. Oooh, I wanna know what posterous is!
    My first though was's just that all of my little teeny bopper friends use it in the lookbook way, and that turned me off a little. But your fam aren't internet snobs like us, right?

  5. visited an e-friend's pictures on Tumbler, Posterous, and Flickr - and of them all, just for ease of viewing all their pictures, I've liked Flickr best.
    (not sure what you meant about Flickr being "more static" ? )


  6. P.S. endorsing Mothercare's comment! :)


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