Friday, October 29, 2010

Daybook #5

Outside my window, it's the perfect picture of what I want the entire world to be like, all year round (with occasional exceptional thunderstorm). The sky is blue and cloudless, the sun is warming, but a fresh, cool breeze is floating in off the bay. I'm loving it.

I have been listening to Kasey Chambers' Carnival and -- in defence of my own loud proclamations -- it really doesn't feel like country music. I'm especially intrigued by how much of the album is devoted to thoughts about sin, redemption, salvation, and saviours.

I have been wearing
lots of flowy cotton dresses, with gladiator sandals.

I am thankful that I got to chat to my cousin Annie, via Skype, all the way over in Canada. I love you, internet.

I am pondering the truth that sometimes I think a little too much about unnecessary things. I look for patterns in pretty much everything, and sometimes things just are. God has a plan; I don't necessarily need to know the minutiae of that plan.

I am reading Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris. Some of you might be saying "Still?" because I'm sure I've mentioned it before. But somehow it got lost in my pile of current reading, and starting back into it is like a happy discovery. It's such a great work for addressing the bold, bare details of Christian theology.

I am thinking about writing poems. This happens whenever I receive the latest issue of Poetry magazine. Also, I am thinking about $1.2 million mansions. I kid you not.

I am creating small bits of nonsense with paint and paper.

I am hoping and praying that I will fear less and trust more.

One of my favourite things is talking to my niece and nephew on the telephone. 3-year-old niece told me today that she's "a nutcase and a funny bunny." Gold.

A picture thought I'm sharing is actually three, if you noticed. The little berry is one I found when I went out for a walk just before sunset (less romantically, I bear a number of mozzie bites as evidence). The second one is of some files I decorated for storing uni stuff. (I love paper. I love paints. I love glue. I will probably never outgrow this.) And the third is of a beautiful card I received in the mail today. It made me smiley -- thank you, Abbie!

* * * * *


Rachael -- we had a tea set like that, too (to be perfectly honest, it was Andrea's, but I think we were all kind of covetous of it).

Rebecca -- YES! If they were patchwork fabrics, I could legitimately cuddle up to sleep with them.

Katie -- the idea of framing them as is came to me, too! Thank you for making me feel like this idea is actually legitimate, and not just the crazed delusions of a paper addict.

Samantha R -- another paper-lover!

Elizabeth Fay -- I can see you wearing a fifties-style dress made up in similar fabrics to those papers :).


  1. That day outside of your window sounds absolutely delightful. The world could only be a better place if it were like that everywhere!

  2. Loved the top pic of the berry.
    Never heard of "Carnival", you have me intrigued!
    Love cotton flowy dresses!
    You're so artistic!
    "I am hoping and praying that I will fear less and trust more"
    Me too.
    Talks with little peoples are the best!

  3. I love your daybooks Danielle! Having nieces are lots of fun! I love your folders for your uni stuff! Very cute! Please come down to Cooma soon so I can come and see you!!

  4. Uh, your filing system owns me.
    As do your gladiator sandals.

  5. sounds like a nice life. I love you.

  6. I love this post! Happy life indeed.
    I keep hearing great stuff about Josh Harris' book.
    Your niece is ultra-cute!
    $1.2 million mansions huh?! Ooh fancy.

    Hugs and thanks for your beautiful blog!

  7. ooh I love your folders. I've just had this horrifying discovery--when you said "third picture" I realized that on my screen there was no third picture. I switched browsers (from Firefox to Chrome) and the magical third photo appeared. As did photos from previous entries that were as yet unknown to me. And photos on my sister's blog that I didn't know existed. Ack. Now I'm wondering what else I've missed out on. (Any insight to this peculiar problem, smart one?)

  8. I love your folders too! You are such a creative girl! I'm (hopefully) going back to school next year and I'm inspired to pretty up my folders too.


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