Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend XXVII :: spring parties

It was the great weekend of partydom.* Saturday morning there was a bridal shower for a soon-to-be-married friend. Saturday evening there was an engagement party for a beaming couple getting hitched next year. Sunday afternoon there was a birthday party for a very cool four-year-old girl. And Sunday night there was a massive clean-up-the-house party at my place (a party of one which calling a party -- even though it's actually not a party -- doesn't make any more fun).

These parties reminded me of the excellence of cake and of good company. They also reminded me that, whether four and just a small person, or grown and soon to be married, most girls will always love flowers and being a princess for the day.

*Sadly, the word partydom looks a lot like martyrdom. Please don't make that correlation.

* * * * *


Elizabeth Fay -- <3 <3 <3

Simplythis -- and I'm glad you were a part of my day. Roll on America Day! ;)

Mothercarey -- the kids did like the sushi, yes. Although J kept wanting to try the "sparkly" one -- the orange caviar -- and was convinced that one looked good :). I'm not sure what James was reading in those pictures; I should've asked.

Asea -- yes! I'm busy formulating school-related thoughts :). Oh, and thank you for your email -- will reply soon. I was just concerned I didn't have your current email address, but apparently I did :).

Katie -- the cuteness was quite incredible. I've seen the plover chicks every day since then, and they're already losing some of their fluffy. Nooo!

Rebecca Simon -- :D

Samantha -- it truly was a lovely day! The chicks are plovers; so adorable.

Bohoharri -- yay! It made me so happy to get your comment! I'm having a facebook break to keep me focussed and cut down on emails but I'll be back, I promise. And I will be email you about WA but looks like you'll be back by the time I get there, yipppee!

Chantel -- oh, it's one roomy handbag.


  1. These pictures make me smile :)
    I love girly parties like this; especially if they are on the smaller side. It's just me but I don't do huge celebrations. (I guess I'd better get over that if I end up getting married though...) =D

    Love the flowers, the pink and the fun!

    Oh, plovers! I've heard of them before...

  2. That wee tea set is too adorable! Look at that little milk jug!

    Excuse me whilst I squee a little...

  3. That photo of the little one blowing out her birthday cake candles is too cute! Wow, what a weekend of partying for you :) Sorry not many attended your tidying up party, maybe next time?

  4. I used to have a tea set exactly like that! Ahh.... I miss it! hehe


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