Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey hey it's a Christmas giveaway...

Last night, before going to bed, I wished earnestly that I could send gifts to every single one of the cool people I know, near and far because mail is just the best, and mail with presents is even more fun. Before I fell asleep, I came up with the next best thing: a giveaway! Of course, this is a gift for just one person, but it could be any one of you (ooh, mystery and suspense!).

Because Christmas is coming -- and faster and faster -- this giveaway is all about that joyful celebration of Jesus' birth. The parcel will include a copy of Wendy Brigg's Heartfelt Christmas (beautiful angels and lovehearts and Christmassy joy to stitch), a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery panel ready for you to embroider (and full of visions of sugarplums!), a pack of my favourite brand of needles (Piecemakers), and a handmade button-embellished heart to hang in your home. Sorry kids, but the threads are not included (I just thought they were pretty and wanted them in the pictures, okay?).

Here are the giveaway rules:

1) leave a comment with your name and what you love most about Christmas.
2) feel free to enter whether you're a regular reader or just passing through.
3) I will ship anywhere in the world, so even if you're from Antarctica...
4) entries close midnight next Sunday 14th November, AEST.

I'm so excited I'm so excited I'm so excited!

* * * * *


Mothercare -- :D

Samantha R -- I'll drink to that! :)

Mitanika -- you've pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why I dream of working in a bookstore.

Kirstyb -- glad you enjoyed!

HCH -- yay! So nice to hear from you :).
I'm sure you've had a lot of similar revelations when it comes to being a Christian and an artist?


  1. This sounds like such a wonderful idea!! I'm not going to enter though as I'm not a crafty gal and I'd much rather the present go to someone who will enjoy doing the embroidery.
    I look forward to reading all the answers. And thank you also for posting a blog when I needed a distraction from my lack of Nano words today!

  2. Oh, oh! :) :)

    I don't know if I can find one thing I love more than another. Every year it is different. But I think the music and the memories I carry in my heart are what I tend to cherish the most.

  3. What a lovely idea. You will have fun with this

  4. What a lovely giveaway Danielle! I'd love to win! :) My favourite things about Christmas are spending time with family, eating lots of good food, and singing Christmas carols. What a great way to celebrate Jesus' birth!

  5. Awesomely COOL!!!
    I love about Christmas the jollyness... even the workers at Coles are happy to see you =P and also the buying, baking, music, decorations - the whole thing!!

  6. The thing I love most about Christmas is celebrating Jesus' birth, singing carols and all the celebrations!


  7. My Favourite thing about Christmas is getting together with family from far and wide. I'm a regular reader but I don't comment very much.


  8. OH, I forgot one, making presents for family and friends.

  9. I love making gifts, the baking, christmas carols, getting together with family and friends, and the merriness of it all! And I especially love the mango, we always have mango at christmas time. =)

  10. Since being in the church we are attending, I've realised (and grown to love) the whole idea of advent. The reformers put 'advent' in place so that we Christians would anticipate Christ's second coming...something we don't think of that often. His first coming was important but only in the sense of his accomplishing his salvation plan...a baby in a stable is nothing out of the ordinary without that. But when he returns!
    So Christmases of recent years have reminded me to long for his return. :-) [I wonder if your blog will let me comment today?]

  11. Sadly I am not the crafty type, so I will let the gift go to someone else. But I wanted to say that:

    1.) This is a wonderful idea.
    2.) You are awesome.
    3.) I love how everyone gets into the holiday spirit at least a month in advance of the actual holiday. I love the camaraderie, the numerous celebrations, the annual meet ups with friends and family... I also love my family's combination of Hanukkah candles and potato latkes with the Christmas tree, Christmas presents, and (mostly) Christmas music.

  12. You are awesome to come up with a giveaway for Christmas!

    As for what I love Christmas... Everything? The music, the chance to bake up a storm and give away all the goodies, being part of a Christmas cantata and the power in music written about our Savior's birth. Oh, and spending so much time with loved ones.:)

  13. I'd enter if I sewed, but as I don't, I'll be generous and let us others win. I wish I did sew, because those things look really cute.

  14. It's 5:16am, Mon 15 Nov. I knew I should have done some surfing before my work when I began my shift last night at 11pm... Oh well... :-)

    This year I will be in the country for Christmas, and so will every other member of my immediate family. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jenny xo


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