Monday, November 22, 2010

How did it happen...

...that I am privileged to know the world's loveliest, kindest, and most creative people? I can only assume it is God's generous grace.

Today I found a bright red package in my mailbox -- completely unexpected -- which had travelled 'cross land and sea. I spent a jolly hour relishing in the kindness and fun of a kindred spirit whom I have never met but whom I count among my good friends.

The lovely package included:

Handwritten words of news and encouragement...

The dignified grey hair of Mr. Clooney...

Gentlemen in amazing headwear posing with unique instruments (possibly friends of this guy)...

Pirate guinea pigs with peg legs! (I'd like to meet this dude)...

Enchanting artwork on brown paper...

An amazing scarf of vibrant stripes...

After Shakespeare Mints...

Billy-karting nuns...

Luscious reading material...

And heartwarming-ness.

A book I was reading today said something about "a gift so thoughtful it almost hurt". It seems apt. Thank you so much, friend, for all your excellence.

Now to do a few more odd jobs before bed and then to settle down with A Winter Book (the evening is appropriately cool and cloudy for just such reading material).

* * * * *


Mothercare -- I'm happy, too, that the ground didn't open up and swallow that post office!

Rebecca Simon -- ah, memories :). Hey, I just realised that Whatsoever is how we know each other, isn't it? So many friends through the pages of that little publication!

Samantha R -- yes, it's strange closing this chapter of my life. But it makes perfect sense knowing that it's in God's timing. I wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. :)

Asea -- honestly, we really need to start The Adults' Colouring-In Society. There's a lot of us out there. PS. This post is all about you :).

Caitlin -- yes, a happy relief!

Abbie -- likewise, thank you for your faithfulness to encourage, pray for, and write for this magazine! You've been such a blessing (I don't think you realise how much).

Eweight -- I got a comment from you while you're overseasssss!


  1. Wow, that's such a varied and creative gift! Fun. :D

  2. Do you know HOW MUCH FUN it is to go into shops and look for things for you, knowing that you will ADORE them and might even squeal when they appear? And how lovely it is to engage my strange collage turn-the-paper disjointed writing and have you not only tolerate it, but enjoy it? You are very very fun to make packages for.

  3. You are a blessed soul! :)
    The scarf is loverly and the go-cart nun is hilarious!! =P
    Your friend is very creative with her gifts.

  4. What a great present!!! Seriously, unexpected parcels are the best, especially when they contain such awsomeness!

  5. Such a gorgeous package of awesomeness! I am a rather great fan of that nun in the billycart.

  6. How precious! Good friends do great things for the soul.

  7. I hardly remember you with glasses anymore!


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