Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's finally here!

I've honestly never anticipated a movie's release more than this one. The Eagle of the Ninth is one of my favourite books ever, so it was with mingled delight and terror that I first heard it was being adapted into a film. What if they completely destroy it? What if they make people hate the story and then never pick up the book? What would Rosemary Sutcliff think?

Film production on this one has to be the slowest ever and I've been lurking the internet for ages in hope of a trailer (I was even trawling for info yesterday). Then tonight, an excellent friend (thank you so much, Mitanika/L!) pointed me to the first glimpse. Exciting!

Yes, I'm sorry; Marcus is played by Channing Tatum. And it looks like they've changed the story up a bit (if you read the book -- and you must -- then you'll recognise what's different), but it appears they've left intact what makes this tale powerful: the challenging dynamics of the tenuous friendship between slave and master, woven into a sort of mental and spiritual coming-of-age. And you can't go wrong with Romans, some Donald Sutherland, and a bit of Jamie Bell.

I'm looking forward to seeing this one (and I'm going to start a re-read of the story in celebration).


  1. Yay, it looks great. Set my heart aflutter

  2. Oooh, how exciting! I can't wait to watch the trailer when I get home.

  3. Okay, I am SO going to see that!!!!!

  4. Oh, I just saw this trailer too! The Eagle of the Ninth is one of my all-time favorite books. The relationship between Marcus and Esca is impossible to describe, but reading that book gives me shivers. It's hard to tell from this trailer whether they will bring out the "right" themes or not. I'm hoping for good things to come!

    Oh, and I love the Narnnia post too! There is always some new insight waiting for me when I open a Narnia book. I have never gotten so excited over a billboard until last week when I saw one with a huge lion's head proclaiming "December 10". Mom thought we were having a wreck!

  5. The more I see the trailer, the more excited about it I get. I read it because you recommended it so highly. I've only had like a six month wait, I can't imagine how excited you must be!!

    Gross! They've changed the title to "The Eagle"... maybe that's why it's been so hard to find out stuff about it? I was trying to see when it came out, and you're right, Feb 2011 but it'll probably take a while to reach our sunburned shores.

  6. Ouch! From the trailer the acting doesn't seem so powerful (minus good ol' Donald) but its only a trailer, lets hope the feature film will not leave us bitterly disappointed.



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